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  1) ______still believe we can resolve the problem without going to war.

  A) Optimism B) Pessimism C) Pessimists D) Optimists

  2) These girls have an advantage ______ those in calculation。

  A) over B) than C) to D) with

  3) — Thank you so much for the lovely evening, Jim. Frank I had such a good time.

  —You’re quite welcome, John。 ______ 。 We’d been looking forward to seeing you。

  A) We’re glad to meet you B) I’m afraid you didn’t have a good time

  C) Just stay a little longer, please D) Thank you for coming

  4) — Oh, welcome! ______。

  — We are sorry for being late. You know, there was a lot of traffic in the street this evening.

  A) Thanks for your present. B) I’m glad you could come.

  C) I’ve been waiting for you all evening. D) Why not come early?

  5) — It’s a great pleasure to have a talk with you.

  — ______.

  A) It’s very good of you to say so。 B) You are welcome。

  C) See you。 D) It can’t be true。

  6) — What’s the matter with you, Jim? You look pale.

  — ______.

  A) Oh, it is well.

  B) I feel awful today. I didn’t get any sleep last night.

  C) Yes, but I don’t care.

  D) It has nothing to do with you.

  7) The net bar, ______ last year, is very popular among the students in this school.

  A) open B) opening C) having opened D) opened

  8) I’m going to have my car ______ this afternoon.

  A) to be fixed B) to fix C) fixed D) fixing

  9) ______ from space, the earth looks like a blue ball.

  A) Seen B) See C) Seeing D) To see

  10) They found a ______ old man ______ on the ground.

  A) dying; lying B) dead; lied C) death; laying D) died; lain

  11) They ______ considerable influence within the school.

  A) existed B) exerted C) executed D) excused

  12) The fire ______ two deaths the damage of the entire store.

  A) was resulted in B) was resulted C) resulted in D) resulted from

  13) Researchers have stumbled ______ a drug that may help patients。

  A) on B) in C) over D) at

  14) A child learns to read by seeing the words ______。

  A) repeatly B) repeatedly C) properly D) obviously

  15) Young children ______ to get sick more often than adults.

  A) tend B) tender C) tendency D) likely





  A punctual person is in habit of doing a thing at the proper time is never late in keeping a(n) 1) ______. The unpunctual man, on the other 2) ______, never does what he has to do at the proper time. He is always in a hurry in the 3) ______ loses both time his good name. A lost thing may be found again, but lost time can never be regained. Time is more 4) ______than material things. In fact, time is life itself. The unpunctual man is forever 5) ______ mismanaging his most valuable asset as well as others’. The unpunctual person is always complaining that he finds 6) ______ time to 7) ______ letters, return calls, or keep appointments promptly. But the man 8) ______ really has a great deal to do is very careful of his time 9) ______ complains. He knows that he cannot get 10) ______ his huge amount of work unless he faithfully keeps every piece of work when it has to be attended to.

  1) A) promise B) undertaking C) appointment D) responsibility

  2) A) way B) sake C) behalf D) hand

  3) A) moment B) minute C) last D) end

  4) A) valuable B) profitable C) better D) favorable

  5) A) wasting B) making C) earning D) saving

  6) A) more B) much C) no D) not

  7) A) write B) answer C) copy D) produce

  8) A) whom B) who C) which D) what

  9) A) often B) always C) seldom D) almost

  10) A) through B) out C) along D) on



  The pine (松) tree is a special kind of tree. Some people call the pine tree a Christmas tree. This is because many people put pine trees in their homes at Christmas time. Pine trees are different from other trees because most other trees lose their leaves in the winter. Pine trees stay green all year long, even in the winter. Pine trees are also called evergreens because they are always green. Pine trees do not have soft leaves like other trees. They have hard, thin leaves. Pine trees also have pine cones. If you walk in a forest, you will see many pine cones on the ground. Inside the pine cones are seeds. When the seeds fall to the ground, a new tree starts to grow.

  Pine trees are useful for many reasons. The wood is used to make many things, such as tables, beds boats. Many kinds of birds build their homes in pine trees. The seeds of pine trees are food for some small big animals.

  If you walk in a forest of pine trees, the air has a wonderful smell. In winter, the white snow on the dark green trees looks very beautiful.

  1) Some people call the pine tree a Christmas tree because ______.

  A) pine trees are green at Christmas time

  B) pine trees are put in people’s homes at Christmas time

  C) the pine tree is a special kind of tree

  D) pine trees never lose their leaves in the winter

  2) According to the second paragraph, the underlined expression “pine cones” means ______.

  A) 松 B) 松针 C) 松果 D) 松树

  3) Which is NOT the feature that makes pine trees different from other trees?

  A) Pine trees never lose their leaves in the winter。

  B) Pines trees are always green.

  C) Pines trees have hard thin leaves。

  D) Pines trees have many seeds.

  4) Which is NOT the reason why pines trees are useful?

  A) Pine cones are food for animals.

  B) The wood is used to make many things.

  C) Many animals build their homes in pine trees。

  D) The white snow on the pine trees is very beautiful.

  5) The purpose of the passage is ______.

  A) to introduce the pine tree B) to praise the pine tree

  C) to encourage people to plant pine trees D) to tell us a story about a Christmas tree


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